January 17, 2010

~ The Perfect Fit....~

Kebetulan aritu masa boring menunggu sumone kat lrt stesen..ternampak mag CLEO so grap aje la..lagi pun mmg for dis month tak beli lagi.
So ni adalah articles yg di copy dr CLEO tuk dishare...

1 > The Perfect Fit :
Jeans are great bcoz its incredibly versatile. It's comfy,casual & presentable on a weekend or you van dress it with accessories & killer heels for a hot nite out. A pair of jeans that fits ur dimensions properly does wonders to help enhance ur body shape.

+ For long & lean stems, the cuff shud cover most of ur heel.
+ Denim in darker shades gives the illusion of a slimmer silhoutte.
+ For a fanny-flattering effect, pick a pair with back pockets which tilt slightly inwards or has decorative seams across the rear. If u want to enhance a small or flat butt,avoid super-low waistbands which can make ur tush look extra-flat. Go for one with pockets that are a bit smaller in size & sit higher above the rear.

+ A peeping butt cleavage is not OK. Ur jeans shud be cut slightly higher in the back.
+ Stonewashed or chemically dyed denim will retain its size after washing but not the untreated ones. If there is spandex in ur jeans u can afford to go down by one size. If the material is non-stretchy, go up a size to make way of possible shrinkage. U can use the zipper as a gauge as well. If it doesn't sit flat & sticks up, ur pair of jeans is too tight.

2 > The Perfect Fit :
Ur feet hurt within 10 mins of wearing ur stiettos. What gives? Wrong size,probably. The next time u shoe-shop, keep these tips in mind:

+ Always try the sizes on. One brand's size siz may be totally different from another.
+ When picking closed-toe shoes, all ur toes shud have enough room to wiggle.
+ Avoid shopping for shoes in the morning. It's best to do it in the late afternoon as ur feet expand to their largest then. This is caused by walking or fluid retention.

+ For most people, one foot is slightly bigger than the other so always buy shoes that fir the bigger foot for better comfort.

3 > The Perfect Fit :
Ur Dream Job

Wouldn't it be great if u woke up every morning thoroughly excited about to work? Scoring ur perfect job takes more than just luck. Though challenging, a little effort on ur part can help secure that dream job.

+ Make a list of the jobs that u like doing & weigh the pros & cons. Be as thorough as possible. This will help u narrow down what exactly it is that you're looking for.

+ Once u have narrowed down ur list, do ur research on companies that offer such jobs. Go to their Websites to learn more & attend career expos to make contact with HR professionals from the industry.

+ Get work experience or do an internship at the company of ur choice. If you've made a good impression during ur stint as an intern, the employer is more likely to keep u in mind shud a vacancy come along.

+ send in ur resume even if the company isn't actively hiring at the moment. They may not have any vacancies as yet but shud there be one, u could very well be called in for an interview.

+ Don't be afraid of hard work. Every successful person u meet will tell u that u need to toil to go places.

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