March 18, 2010

~ ReaL MeN..~


I dunno y lately nie, i juz feel every single things,
no matter wat I do...or even where I go. I felt like..there's no one for me when I need. Well, no matter must go on(Heeeheee...i dun like dis feeling makes me feel like im not myself..huhuhu!!)
Ok...juz let it go & move on...come on,darling!!(kekekeke...way to nk cheer up diri sdiri la nih...kekekeke!!! Poyooooo!!!)

Juz nak share sumtin yg I follow on9 slama nie.."Catch Him Keep Him".


- Real Men are mature & grounded on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level.
They might not have everything they want in their life but they are on a great path & open to growing on a deeply personal level.

- Real Men who have their own lives, who aren't looking to a woman to validate their lives and their significance DO NOT want a woman who they can 'overpower' so that they feel better about themselves.

- Real Men want a woman who INSPIRES them because she has great things going on her own life.

- Real Men want a woman who MOTIVATES them because she is thinking and doing great things & her energy and attitude is contagious.

- Real Men want a woman who has her own PURPOSE that inspires her & gives her fulfillment and a reason for living and breathing OTHER THAN just being in a relationship.

- Real Men can love and appreciate a woman has a great career and life of her own, and independence that comes from that makes a woman even MORE DESIRABLE to a real men.

Do U Real Men..??
Huhuhu...tepuklah dada & tanyalah slera ya...


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