May 17, 2010

~ Can I have this one..???~

Dunno why lor but I really2 want Ipod as one of my bufday

prezen for this year

(hehehhehe....da tua pun nak benda ni lg kan..???)

Coz my MP3 da lama masuk tong sampah.. :( sedih bangat,sih!!!!

This one Ipod Touch > RM 779 for 8GB, RM 1199 for 32GB

& RM 1599 for 64GB

( Erkkkk!!! baik I amik new hepon,kan..???)

Yang ni plak Ipod Classic > RM 979 for 160GB.

With 160GB storage & up to 36 hours of music playback,

this ipod let us enjoy up to 40,000 songs  & 200hrs of video..huhhhh!!!

Jenuh tuhhh!!!

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mEMYselfandi said...


N@h_DI said...


Folooo...foloooo me...huhuhu!!!

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