January 18, 2011

~* ♪♫♩HAMPA ♪♫♩*~

** speechless **

 ouchhh!!! tetiba petang-petang macam nie terasa nak tacing-tacing plak...
nape tetiba leh layan lagu macam ni..???
Got story behind....


Sebenarnya malas la nak tacing-tacing...
nak sedey-sedey...
nak buat pe kan..???
takde maknernyerrrr!!!
let bygone be bygone
time to forget all those things
to you...
it's you!!!!!
Remember this :

'' What you give; you will get back one fine day "


2 ngomelan...:

| RoziAhmad | said...

ye betul! betul!

online all articles said...

lawatan sobat berserta salam untuk tuan rumah.

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