February 7, 2011

~* Regret..?? *~

"  I wish I didn't make such a bad choice. 
How will I get over it? "

I believe everyone of us ada sumtin yang kita regret kan dalam hidup ni,kan..???
Tak kisah la pape pun benda tu.
Ekceli, I just nak share topic "REGRET" ni coz I berkesempatan membaca topic ni kat majalah CLEO keluaran February.

" Everything happens for a reason. It's time to get that regret off and move on "

" Everyone has regrets. But does everyone dwell on them 100 percent of the time? No. That's where resilience comes in. Some people are naturally STRONG-MINDED and BOUNCE back from anything; and some people need help to learn how to do that. "

Some tips from CLEO on how to deal with REGRET

☞ Write down your regrets. 

☞ Examine them. 

☞Change your toxic thought patterns. 

☞Grieve losses.

☞ Make amends.

☞ Identify lessons.

☞ Develop compassion.

☞ Forgive yourself.

☞ Live free of regret.

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